permit for weapons

Legal advice and assistance in obtaining (renewing) a weapons permit.

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Turnkey formalization as soon as possible.

Consultation, preparation of necessary applications, submission of documents, receipt of documents for purchase, submission of documents for extension, receipt of documents for storage, carrying weapons and other services.

Assistance in the preparation of all necessary documents for the acquisition of:

- traumatic;

- gas;

- smoothbore;

- rifled weapons.

What do you need:

- Photocopy of passport;

- If it is necessary to register weapons to another address (not by registration) - a copy of the lease agreement, ownership of housing or a copy of the wife’s passport, etc.;

- 6 photos 3 * 4;

- Lack of criminal record;

Citizenship of Ukraine;

- 18 years old for traumatic, smoothbore and gas weapons;

- 25 years old for rifled weapons.

Statement - consists of a meeting with our lawyer. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.