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Family law

The scope of family law is very delicate and requires an individual approach to each situation. Our experts operate not only with laws and law, but also with psychological approaches, so contacting us will be as comfortable as possible for you.


Economic law

Our experts are ready to provide advice on financial and tax planning of your enterprise, legal advice on business and civil law.


Legal support of business and economic activity

Writing foreign economic contracts. Forecasting the risks associated with conducting business and foreign economic activity.


Criminal law

Our company’s specialists are ready to provide a range of services in the field of criminal law, the purpose of which is to protect each client in the prosecution authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Tax Authorities and others.


Administrative law

Government authorities do not always act fairly in relation to individuals and legal entities. Our experts know how to restore your rights and appeal the decision of various authorities.


Labor law

Not every worker or worker knows how to protect their rights. Our company will help you in the fight against unscrupulous employers


Investment Advice

If you are an investor, we will help you in creating a business by providing advice and legal support in order to minimize potential risks.


Legal advice and assistance in obtaining (renewing) a weapons permit.

Consultation, preparation of necessary applications, submission of documents, receipt of documents for purchase, submission of documents for continuation, receipt of documents for storage, carrying weapons and other services.
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Why "Ultimatum"

Latin language, the word "ultimatum" means the last warning and the final wording in the negotiations on the settlement of the dispute. Our company always makes every effort to ensure that the position formed by us with the client is the last in resolving the dispute. We openly negotiate with the client before making important decisions and, first of all, take into account his wishes, as well as a warning from our specialists.


We have a lot of experience working with such areas.


Legal support for business


Family law


Administrative law


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Three stages

Our task is not only professional and high-quality provision of legal services, but also the achievement of a specific result for you, therefore we individually and conscientiously approach the situation of each client.


  Case analysis and collection of all possible documents


  Learning and finding solutions


  Successful Solution

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